Drip Irrigation Industry and Jalgaon City in Maharashtra

Drip Irrigation Industry and Jalgaon City in Maharashtra

India’s diverse climate and terrain allow for excellence in a variety of agricultural products, but there is a city that produces so many bananas by itself that it could be a country of its own. Located in the northwestern corner of Maharashtra, the quaint city of Jalgaon is accomplishing these feet despite the odds stacked against it.
Ordinary to grow banana, it is preferred if the location gets a lot of rain. Jalgaon has just enough rain to sustain itself along with searing temperatures. However, the lone district manages to produce so much fruit that, in absolute numbers, it would be the seventh-largest producer of bananas according to Govt. sources.
The Jalgaon story becomes a little more cohesive when it’s realized that they at least have a railway station. But, the rest is still an uphill battle. And that’s when drip irrigation kicks in.
Previously Jalgaon could only cater to 10000 plants, on the best of days. But, with Drip Irrigation, they can cultivate 15000 plants at once using the same 15 horsepower motor.
Not only has Drip Irrigation increased their output, but it’s also resulted in saving nearly 60 to 70 % of the water according to the farmers in the area. A lot of this can be credited to Drip Irrigation that able to accomplish more with just eight hours of electricity, than what the motor could accomplish over 24 hours using flood irrigation.
The state of Maharashtra is blessed with natural resources. The majority of the population is engaged in agriculture. Out of the total cultivable land, only 17 % is irrigated. In this Maharashtra in the northwestern region Jalgaon district is situated. Jalgaon district is well known for its Banana Cultivation. Being the district place the city Jalgaon has immense importance and known for the gold market situated here and a huge network of Drip irrigation manufacturing and selling industry.
In this city, only Heera Agro Industries had created its own place and is popular for its products related to the Drip Irrigation System, Sprinkler irrigation system, accessories, and other useful agricultural machinery products.
The company was founded by Mr.Nandu Khadke starting from a single extrusion line now flourished as a well-known Drip Irrigation system and accessories manufacturing country with its strong goodwill all over India. Presently the company is headed by a highly educated person in Plastic Engineering Mr.Girish Nandu Khadke. Day by day with its latest marketing techniques like E-commerce and Social Media Marketing the company has reached up to the farming community spread over all corners of the country.
Heera Agro Industries, Jalgaon offers a wide range of economical Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation products to the farming community along with the latest agricultural implements to save time, money and labor of farmers. Here is the wide range of products offered by Heera Agro Industries-

1) Heera Inline Drip

2) Heera Online Drip

3) Heera Flat Inline Drip

4) Heera Pre Punch Pepsi

5) Heera Nano – tiny

6) Heera Micro Sprinklers

7) Heera Mini Sprinklers

8) Heera Rain Pipe

9) Heera Rain Gun

10) Heera Flex pipe

11) Heera Krishi pipe

12) Heera Sprayers – Double Motor, Battery operated and 2 in 1 Sprayer

13) Heera Brush Cutter

14) Heera Chain saw

15) Heera Earth Auger

16) Drip and sprinkler accessories

17) Different valves required for Irrigation

18) Different kinds of Filters used in Irrigation

19) Heera Mulching Paper

20) Heera HDPE Vermibeds for Vermicomposting

21) Tarpaulin for agriculture

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