Rain gun Irrigation System for Agriculture!

Raingun Irrigation System for Agriculture !

Sprinkler which showers like rain !

Heera Rain gun

Rain gun – the name itself is self-explanatory an irrigation system which showers like rain. Rain gun is also known as big sprinkler or water gun. Rain gun can be moved in half or full circle at the same speed due to the use of gear technology in it.  It can be used to irrigate any crop Ex. Wheat, Maize, Sugarcane, Cotton, Bajara, Groundnut, Chilli, Onion, Potato, Tea, Coffee, etc. It is also very useful for large Play-grounds, Golf course, and Lawns.

What is the Raingun irrigation system?

Lower water application efficiencies at field level must be improved to overcome the shortage of water. Improvement in application efficiencies will reduce the problem of waterlogging and salinity. It is, therefore, important to develop techniques to use the available resources of irrigation water more efficiently during field application.

Application efficiency can be increased by adopting a pressurized irrigation systems like Rain gun sprinkler irrigation, however, this system is expensive and difficult to operate by common farmers. Studies have shown that well designed and well-managed surface irrigation systems have comparable application efficiencies to those of the pressurized system. Therefore, it is important to improve surface irrigation systems and their management to increase application efficiency without lowering crop yield.

As the name implies the pressurized water through the Rain gun used to irrigate the crop. It has an advantage of sprinkler irrigation along with water usage economy.

Haq (1990) reported that water saving in the case of sprinkler irrigation compared with the surface irrigation system was 30%. Crop production per unit of water used in sprinkler irrigation was 4.13 kg/m3 as compared to 2.88 kg/m3 by surface irrigation. The electrical conductivity of soil remained almost the same in the case of the sprinkler system while in the gravity system it was increased at post-harvesting at 30 to 45 cm depth. The same was the case for the sodium adsorption ratio (SAR). However, nitrogen contents were more in the case of a sprinkler than a gravity system.

What are the advantages of Rainguns over flood irrigation?

  • It saves more than 50% of the water used by flood irrigation.
  • It saves labor.
  • It saves electricity. In the future, if farm motors come under unit rating, Rain Gun will save nearly 75% of the electricity. Increases the life of the motor/pump.
  • As 1⁄2 acre could be irrigated within 1 1⁄2 hours, the total extent of area irrigated per day nearly doubles. So, if a farmer cultivates 5-acre sugarcane with his available water and pumps in flood irrigation, he can cultivate 10 acres of land by using Rain Gun with the very same availability of water and pump.
  • In flood irrigation, more than 75% of the water goes as percolation loss (say 25% of water is available at E.R.D). In any agriculture, the topsoil is more fertile (for this only we apply fertilizers and manures). In flood irrigation, the fertility in topsoil is washed away and goes as percolation loss i.e. the topsoil is leached away. In Rain Gun irrigation as we irrigate only up to the E.R.D, there is no percolation loss or leaching.
  • Rain Gun Irrigation plays the role of Nitrogen fixation. One of the major nutrient plants requires is Nitrogen. Atmospheric air contains 78% nitrogen. As our Rain Gun resembles Rain, the water dissolves the nitrogen from the air and gives it to the soil, thereby adding nutritive value to soil. This is one of the reasons for the increase in yield.
  • Reduces pest and insects attack: Pests and insects get washed away during Rain Gun irrigation.
  • Uniformity in irrigation.
  • In flood irrigation, farmers usually open the delivery at one corner of the field and it goes to the next corner and entire field by gravity. In well-grown sugarcane fields, farmers are unable to go and inspect if the entire field gets uniformity in irrigation. If there is an undulation in the topography of the land, water may not reach that part, whereas in Rain Gun irrigation, the uniformity of the entire field is ensured.
  • Easier application of fertilizer and pesticides.
  • In well-grown sugarcane, farmer feels very hard to spray in the interior field. In our Rain Gun, with the help of a fertilizer tank and a venture assembly, fertilizers and pesticides can be sprayed easily without any labor.

What are the advantages of Rain Guns over Drip Irrigation:

  • Less Cost: For one acre of Sugarcane installation of drip cost around Rs.24,000/-, whereas by using Rain Gun System, the cost comes round Rs.14,000/- only. If a farmer owns 10 acres of sugarcane if he is interested in drip, he has to install drip for the whole 10 acres at a cost of Rs.2,40,000/- whereas if he uses Rain gun, with a single Rain Gun he can irrigate 10 acres of land by shifting the gun properly. Drip irrigation cannot be shifted.
  • Clogging problem
  • In drip, the water oozes out through a small hole less than 1 mm, which gets clogged by the calcium carbonate and other chemicals available in the water. So, after a period of one year, most of the drippers get clogged. In Rain Gun, there is no clogging problem irrespective of the quality of water.
  • Easy intercultural operation
  • An intercultural operation in a drip field is a task, whereas it is easy in Rain Gun irrigation.
  • Less Maintenance.

Heera Rain gun
Special features:-

• Heera Rain gun is ISI Certified (IS:12232- PART-1)
• Rain gun is a high-quality type of sprinkler.
• Rain gun is made with a heavy-duty material.
• Specially designed barrel & nozzles for a maximum possible throw of water to maximize performance.
• Rain gun is suitable for all kinds of climates & temperatures of India.
• Lightweight product with easy to install feature.
• Available in 1.25” inside round fitting option.
• With 4Kg Water Pressure, it can spray water up to 170 feet (26-meter radius).
• It has a capacity of 211 Liter/Minute discharge of water.
• This Product has 3 Type of Nozzle which helps to adjust the length, spray and throw of water.
• It has special characteristics of uniform distribution of water.
• Rain gun has specially design adjustable screw in front of both outlets which helps to adjust spray & pressure of water. This special feature results in the best way and reduced the chances of dry places in the circle area.
• Rain gun Irrigation System is easy to install and use in different places.
• Heera Rain gun complete set is available on https://www.heeraagro.com/product/penguin-raingun-complete-set/
• Available in 0-360 Degree Turning Adjustable Options.
• Heera Rain gun is the best performance in comparison.
• Heera Rain gun Specially designed for different uses, where it can shower like rain.


  • Agriculture Rain gun Irrigation System is also useful for other kinds of fields.
  • It is Applicable in Sugarcane, Ground Nut, Maize, Wheat, Grams & Pulses
  • Tea estates & Coffee plantation
  • Dust Suppression, Green Pastures, Sports Field & Golf Courses

Heera Rain gun specialties:-

Rain gun has specially design adjustable screw in front of both outlets which helps to adjust spray & pressure of water. This special feature results in the best way and reduced the chances of dry places in the circle area.
Available in 0-360 Degree Turning Adjustable Options.
This Product has 3 Type of Nozzle which helps to adjust the length, spray and throw of water.

Heera Raingun Set :-

1) 1.25 ’’ Rain gun

2) 1.25 ’’ Rain gun Stand

3) For PVC Pipe Fitting
Service Saddle

4) For Sprinkler Pipe Fitting
Foot Bottom

5) Pressure Meter

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